in this video we are going to be talking about subtle energy, as it relates to our spiritual well-being. Subtle energy is the expression of our vitality, and it is often overlooked when talking about mental health or self-care. And so we’re going to be diving into that in this video. But before we do, I want to let you know that I wrote a book for you, Align: Living and Loving from the True Self is a comprehensive map of how to come back home to the truth of who you are and how to live from this deeply sacred place, and how to honor your alignment as you relate to the people in your life: I also created these self-guided alignment cards. There’s 48 cards in this deck, and each card has a wisdom teaching, and a sentence stem to support you, and living and loving from your true self. These are really wonderful for your own contemplative practice, but also for your work with clients. group therapy, or even parties. If your friends like to dive deep.

Subtle energy is the expression of our vitality. Our vital force moves through our body and can be felt and seen and sensed as a subtle energy that the physical eyes can’t see. It’s not like the body, or like a holding position to subtle energy around the body and within the body and in our subtle energy when our vitality is thwarted, or being held back by unresolved emotions. What I call emotional energy, pollution, EEP, emotional energy, pollution, and or other people’s energy. Our vitality begins to dampen and we end up feeling less alive, less joyful, less happy, less inspired, less intuitive and ultimately our vitality has us feel small and our thoughts reflect that smallness. And then our energy centers are blocked and our energy body and we can feel very heavy, and feel like a heaviness in our body or an armor in our body and by learning to attune and listen to our subtle energy, we can be the catalyst for opening up our vitality which really creates more openness in our mind. which elevates our state of consciousness and creates more health in our body and more access to our intuition and feeling more joyful and grateful to be alive and to be in this body so when I first realized that I could see subtle energy. I was 6 years old, and I would instruct my mom’s friends to lay down on the couch, and I would go get a crystal for my collection. I still have this crystal. This is the same crystal that I had my son made this, though, for me, that I wrapped around it but this is the same crystal that I would take. and I would place it on their heart because that’s where I saw this sort of thick, vaporous muck covering people’s heart and I would instruct them to close their eyes. feel into their heart and breathe and I was really wanting to support them in clearing the subtle energy over their heart, so that they could feel more open-hearted.

Now. At 6 years old, I was sort of discovering subtle energy. Nobody was talking about it and I felt very disappointed when the vaporous muck didn’t move, and I wanted to learn how to support people, and being more open-hearted when I first started working with clients many, many years later, and I had forgotten that I could see subtle energy. I was sitting in my office with clients, and that ability turned back on, and I was so excited, and again for me it started with being able to see the vaporous muck over a person’s heart. I couldn’t see the rest of the subtle energy at that time and for me I was scared to honor what I was seeing if my client wasn’t speaking about their heart, or feeling closed-hearted, or feeling heavy over their heart. I wasn’t quite sure how to present what I was seeing. But it wasn’t until I started honoring that I was seeing something that my ability to see expanded and amplified so that I could see the whole subtle energy in service of supporting my clients, in activating their vitality, clearing old emotional energy, pollution toning their energetic boundaries, and feeling more alive and empowered and joyful in their life and trusting your ability to see and trusting your ability to feel your own emotional energy. Pollution is really this honoring of your deepest, deepest intuition, because subtle energy isn’t something that all of us can stand in a room and come to some shared agreement that we all see this this thing. It feels more elusive. It’s more transcendent, it’s more transpersonal. It’s beyond the ordinary, and it is our magic as a part of our magic. It’s part of our medicine, and it’s part of our work to honor this transcendent experience that the mind might not fully understand. So when we start seeing subtle energy either with ourselves or if you’re working with clients it’s key to be curious and to hold what we’re seeing loosely and be okay being wrong, it’s not about being right. It’s really about being curious and starting to listen to the subtle energy.

So one of my favorite questions for a point of emotional energy pollution being held, and we’ll just stay with the heart center for now. So if I or a client is feeling self-protected or closed or heavy over the heart center. I’ll ask the question, if your heart had a voice, what would it say? And this question gives the opportunity for that emotional energy pollution to have a voice to be heard, not from an interpretation or an analysis of like. Well, I think it would say, but by deep, deep context, from awareness itself speaking through the heart. and so maybe the heart says “I’m scared” or maybe maybe the heart says “I’m not ready to come out yet.” I want to hide whatever the heart is saying, it’s really important, or whatever that emotional energy pollution is saying, it’s important that we validate it. It makes sense to me that you want to hide. You can. You can hide for as long as you want and just like a lot of permission to experience what is needed, and oftentimes the seeing, the listening to, and the permission allows that energy to move. The body doesn’t need to hold it anymore. Once that energy, has a voice, and feels heard, and not fixed, or shamed or resisted, but heard and welcomed. The energy starts to move the heart in this case begins to open.

The persons trust themselves to be open-hearted and to move that protective layer over the heart, and to allow vitality to start flowing through the heart again because it had been stopped up here. And so now the energy is flowing again and oftentimes once we start working with one energy center then we start realizing. Oh, there’s another one that’s that’s close. So maybe we’ve worked with the heart. And now we notice, okay, my throat feels contracted and we just stay with the experience of listening to giving a voice to. Maybe it’s a tone. Maybe the throat doesn’t have words, and it’s just a tone listening to it, and vocalizing all begins to move the energy so that our vitality can flow through us. that we can be in our fullest expression of health. Now, another thing that’s really important to remember is that if your mind looping in thought, if you consider yourself as somebody who stays in your mind or thinks a lot that is an expression or an indicator, that there is a lot of emotional energy pollution being stored beneath your thought. And you’re off balance.

There’s more energy up here than there is full energy flowing through your body. It’s concentrated in your mind. And so then this is where you would begin just wrapping your mind with awareness, feeling the sensation of those thoughts, elevating your consciousness by paying attention to what your mind is holding on, to letting your mind know that you see it. You see that it’s working hard, or trying to figure something out, or is angry, or something else validate it just like with the heart. Allow that energy to start moving so that the loop is disrupted, and then come deeper, deeper, deeper into your body, opening up to your Self from the crown of your heads, opening up to your Self, so that your soul could fully be seated in your body and that your your energy body becomes more toned, your energy boundaries become more tone, your vitality flows like this pulsing river of light, and this is the joy of being in a body when we are fully embodied, we feel the joy of being alive, and I wish that for you. So if you found this video useful, I want to invite you to come, check out my courses. I have courses for individuals and couples and courses for therapists and coaches. Learn to facilitate alignment, learn to live your alignment, or engage in spiritually aligned relationships at the spiritually blessings to you on your journey.



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