Our Purpose and Mission

Institute for Spiritual Alignment

At the Institute for Spiritual Alignment, we believe that all people deserve to be seen for the wholeness of who they are. Honoring a person’s innate knowing, their natural inclination towards healing, and their alignment with their vital force are cornerstones of a spiritually aligned session.
Our purpose and mission is to bridge the divide between traditional and spiritual transformation through education of therapists, coaches, and anyone who is interested in the transpersonal.
Founder Harmony Kwiker, MA, created this institute to support all people in embodying their truest Self. As a professor of Transpersonal Gestalt Counseling at Naropa University, Harmony has heard countless stories of clients, therapists, and coaches feeling disappointed with their experiences with therapists and coaches. Being told by clients and students that her style of holding space is what they’ve always longed for but didn’t know was possible, Harmony became dedicated to supporting clients in getting connected with a spiritually aligned therapist/coach.
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Honor Code of Ethics

As a leader in the field of spiritual psychology, coaching, and education, the Institute for Spiritual Alignment is committed to honoring the highest standards of ethics. Our organization holds our teachers and staff accountable to be compassionate stewards of spiritual transformation, and we respect the rights, safety, and dignity of all who associate with our organization.
As an honored member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity, we commit to the code of ethics and ongoing development outlined here.

About Harmony, Founder

When I was 6 years old, I began practicing transcendental meditation. During my meditation practice, I was given a vision of my life. I knew in that moment that I was here to be a healer, an author, and a teacher. At the same time, I started noticing that I could see subtle energy, a vaporous darkness and/or lightness around people’s physical bodies. I would place crystals on people who were holding a lot of dark energy, and I was dedicated to learning how to help them move it.

Throughout my life, I have experienced miraculous transformation; however, none of it occurred in a traditional psychotherapy setting. As a liscenced professional counselor (LPC),  I have dedicated my career to bringing spiritual transformation to clients seeking therapy and coaching, and as a visiting instructor of transpersonal counseling at Naropa University, I teach my students Gestalt counseling skills as I help them to find their seat as a healer.

Honoring the requests of students, colleagues, and clients, I have created this training center to support other healers in trusting their ability to see, intuit, and guide deep transformation. I hope you’ll join us!



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