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At the Institute for Spiritual Alignment, we believe that a person is only a healer to the extent that they remind others that they are already whole. We are here to support you in bringing your alignment with you as you guide clients in using their own awake awareness to access their sovereign will and find their way back to their Self.

What Students Are Saying

“I am profoundly grateful for Harmony’s teachings, authenticity, and vibrant energy she shares. As a student and mentee, I am continuously learning the art of spiritual alignment as it relates to the therapeutic relationship, and even more importantly, as it relates to showing up fully for myself.” Jaime Tousignant

“As a professor, Harmony is the most engaged, organized, direct, fair and CLEAR professor I have ever had.  Her mastery of the material allowed her to continually present impossible concepts in a way that was logical, completely digestible, and utterly engaging.   The nature of the content itself dove deep into the heart of human connection.  Her clear direct teaching style is a result of her clear direct relational capacity which she has managed to capture into a curriculum, while modeling the very essence of the content in her delivery: authentic, enlivened and compassionate.” Shannon Iris


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Spiritually Aligned Vision 

Being raised in a family of progressive healers, I was introduced to transcendental meditation, breathwork, homeopathy, and more at the young age of six. In my transcendental meditation practice, I received a vision for my life: I was to become a healer, teacher, and author. My six year old self felt reassured by the message, and this has been the guiding force in my life’s work.

When I began college, psychology was the only topic that interested me. However, I was unsure how I was going to bring the transcendent experiences of alternative forms of healing into a clinical environment. Over the past 15 years, I have dedicated my self to discovering how to bridge the divide between spiritual transformation and traditional healing. The culmination of that work is offered to you here, at the Institute for Spiritual Alignment.

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