Conversations about living and loving from the True Self

Life of love joyful guide to Self and sensuality

How to be a co-creator of a life you want to live. Could you be projecting your fears, insecurities, past dramas onto those you love? Why should we raise awareness about these difficulties in our life and how that awareness is the first step to set you FREE!

Harmony’s Near Death Experience led to Her Life’s Work

Harmony talks with Brian Smith about consciousness, grief, and transpersonal healing.

My Publishing Journey

Harmony talks with editor Melissa Kirk about her publishing journey and offers advice to new authors.

Spiritually RAW

Harmony talks with April and Jay about the spiritual dimensions of trauma and how to heal into life.

KMET TV with Paula Vail

Harmony talks with KMET TV’s Paula Vail about True Self Consciousness, Life Urge, and how to cultivate deep and lasting change.

Talk Radio Europe

Harmony has a on-air conversation with TRE’s, Hannah Murray. The explore concepts of True Self consciousness and how to bring more awake awareness into your being.

Rockin’ Book Reviews

“It was so great meeting with such a serine, altruistic healer and author, Harmony Kwiker. Her first name certainly seems to fit her! She is a delight to speak with and her New Release ‘Align: Living and Loving from the True Self’ will truly inspire you.”

Transformation & Spiritual Alignment

Do you mentally berate yourself? Does your body feel burdened by anxiety and fear? Would you like to emerge anew? This episode may help! Harmony chats with psychotherapist Dana Skaggs about how to be loving with ourselves as we find our way back into alignment.

Reveal and Align your True Self

Harmony sits down with Marc Azoulay to talk about how she rose ‘From the Ashes’ and cultivated the capacity to reveal and align with the True Self.

Claim Your Power after Divorce

Harmony talks with Michelle Hayes about how our conditioned patterns contribute to dysfunctional relationships, how to overcome the fear of leaving a relationship, and how to feel empowered to stand on your own two feet.

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