Bridging the Divide Between Traditional Counseling

& Transpersonal Spiritual Healing

Becoming an Awakened Therapist

Do You Want to Create a Bigger Impact with Your Clients?

The Institute for Spiritual Alignment provides a whole new paradigm for embodying the seat of therapist or coach. 


It’s a framework for you to dance with the divine in your sessions.

You have access to deep wisdom and intuition.

This aspect of you creates space for deep healing.

Your clients will feel empowered.

You will feel energized.

I invite you to start now and bring your whole Self into your work with clients.

“I am profoundly grateful for Harmony’s teachings, authenticity, and vibrant energy she shares. As a student and mentee, I am continuously learning the art of spiritual alignment as it relates to the therapeutic relationship, and even more importantly, as it relates to showing up fully for myself.”

Jaime Tousignant, LPCC

Dear Healers,

Your innate wisdom has always been with you, even when you didn’t know how to honor it. Your ability to see deeply always been a gift, even when others haven’t been receptive to your witness.

We our here to support you in trusting yourself to bring your inherent intelligence with you in your work with clients.

Our courses are open to therapists, coaches, counselors, educators, and anyone who is interested in learning about nervous system regulation, deep transformation, sovereign relationships, energetic boundaries, mindfulness, and spiritual alignment.


“Harmony is a truly phenomenal instructor and mentor, and I’m so very grateful for the opportunity to learn from her. She is organized, knowledgeable, and thorough, but more importantly just has a presence I find myself naturally imitating when I’m working with my own clients. She is a breath of fresh air who resets my system, and she has been more influential than any other instructor I’ve had in how I interact with clients.”

-Meg Kies, LPCC

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