Spiritually Aligned Relationships 

Online Course

Creating an aligned relationship on your own can be challenging.


Ask yourself…

  • Do I look to my partner as the source of our problems?

  • Do my attachment wounds prevent me from feeling secure in my Self?

  • Do I bring my open-heartedness into our connection?

  • Do I argue my reality and try to get my partner to see things my way?

  • Am I closed off from connected touch?

  • Do I avoid conflict by hiding my truth?

  • Do I want sexual intimacy to be a transcendent experience?


If you are ready to love from your True Self, we will teach you:


~Repair your attachment system with yourself and in your relationship.

~Meet life and your relationship from your most resourced, awake Self.

~Move out of entanglement patterns of conflict and into alignment.

~Increase your ability to communicate for connection.

~Feeling empowered to meet all of your relationships from your True Self.

Receive expert guidance at your own pace as you learn to create a relationship that is a resource and a joy to explore. 

There is no right way to take this course. Whether you are single and want to take this course with a friend, are in a partnership and want to take it alone, or ethically non-monogamous and want to take it with several different people, you can adapt this course to your needs.

Comprised of 6.5 hours of recorded webinars, guided practices, and handouts, this course will support your relationship with yourself and others.


“Harmony has a way of being in the world that allows the deepest part of oneself to arrive and feel welcome into the light of awareness, while being gently guided into one’s own path of growth and deep inner transformation.”

Meagan Estrella, Psychotherapist & Coach

Course Outline


“I am profoundly grateful for Harmony’s teachings, authenticity, and vibrant energy she shares. As a student and mentee, I am continuously learning the art of spiritual alignment as it relates to the therapeutic relationship, and even more importantly, as it relates to showing up fully for myself.”

Jaime Tousignant, Psychotherapist



“Harmony is a Master at her Craft! She is so beautifully unique, I have never met anyone quite like her. Her compassion is boundless and comes through in ways that are hard to language. I feel seen, heard and very lovingly held by her always. When I say she has helped me to find a whole new way of Being I am not exaggerating. I feel like I hit the jackpot in my relationship with her.”

Gretchen Tuck

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