in this video I’m going to share with you 3 essential practices to clear your subtle energy, to tone your energetic boundaries and to strengthen your alignment with the source that beats your heart.

Before I do that, I want to share with you that I wrote a book for you. Align: Living and Loving from the True Self, offers a comprehensive map of how to come back home to the truth of who you are, and how to live from this deeply sacred place within yourself, and how to honor your alignment as you relate with the people in your life. I also created these alignment cards, these self-guided alignment cards. There’s 48 cards in the deck, and each card has a wisdom teaching and a sentence stem to support you, and living and loving from your true self. There’s 4 themes, there’s the alignment theme, the shadow, the True Self, and the inner young one.

I want to share with you some terminology and some essential things to know about clearing energy. I call emotional energy pollution, EEP–the acronym EEP, Emotional Energy Pollution. This emotional energy is what bogs down our energy, body, and sometimes this emotional energy. Pollution is our own. It’s our own E from our stress, from not breathing properly, from turning off the light of awareness. And sometimes we acquire other people’s EEP, and it makes its way into our energy body. And sometimes it can be hard to know the difference between our own EEP and other people’s EEP, especially if we are accustomed to not having a clear and toned energy body.

The other piece that I want to share with you and I write about this in a line is that there are 5 ways to move energy. The most essential and important way to move energy is through our awareness, and awareness is different from attention. Awareness is that part of ourselves that is our most awake and resourced self. So there’s a difference between knowing that I am bogged down with emotional energy pollution, and actually bringing awake awareness to the emotional energy pollution, or the EEP that I’m holding and being with it consciously. The other ways to move emotional energy pollution include the breath, movement, touch, and tone–so using a vocalization

In this practice, part of the invitation is to create more internal spaciousness. The reason why it lives in our energy body is because we contract around it, and it kind of like gets stuck there. So when the nervous system is activated and our muscles and our being just contracts around the experience that emotional energy gets stored in our body as a memory and something that we hold until we can move through it consciously until we feel complete, like we have learned from what we are holding, and we are ready to move on. Which is why awareness is so essential in clearing emotional energy pollution.

With that, we’re just going to begin, and we always begin by cultivating our alignment first. And this is because our alignment is made of our vitality, our vital force, and when our vital force is flowing through us freely. We have the capacity to clear and fill out and expand our energy body. So just take a moment, and if you want to stand up, you can. I’m going to stay seated here and just feel into your body. You can even kind of shake your hands a little bit and get some movement and close your eyes. Just feel into your being.

Take a few really loving brass. surrendering the exhale again. You can make a tone with your exhale. Oh. just starting to move the energy now and then with your next inhale your arms will come out to the side. and as you exhale, your right fingertips will come up towards the sky, and your left fingertips down towards the floor. So again you’ll inhale arms out to the side. exhale hands come to the midline, right fingertips up left fingertips down. Keep your eyes closed, and do that a few more times, inhaling arms to the side exhaling. They come to the midline right fingertips up left fingertips down.

Just repeat that at your own pace, and as you do really sense into your alignment up through the crown of your head and down through the root, like you had a third leg going right down to the core of the earth few more times like that, really feeling your alignment breathing through the crown and down through the root, like a flowing, pulsing river of light moving through the midline of your body. This is the core of your being your home base a few more times, just sensing into that. It’s like you’re going to the gym for your alignment. just feeling that. And then, once you can feel your alignment just take a few more breaths, and if you like, you can use your fingers and start to sort of clear energy from your energy body and just kind of flick it.

And if you’d like, you can ask any spirit guides, or divine beings or fairies that are with you for support. And you’ll say, “I ask my angels, my guides, my fairies, to identify, locate, and remove any energy living in my system that does not originate with me? And is not my assignment to process, and return it to its proper source immediately.” Take a few breaths and just watch your energy body give back anything that doesn’t belong to you. That’s not yours to process, giving back other people’s judgments, projections, emotions. energetic hooks. Just keep breathing. watching and then, when you’re ready, take back any energy that you’ve given away that actually belongs to you. Take back any power, any judgment, any projection that you’ve put on to other people. Take that back and really come back home to the core of your being. You can feel into that again with your hands, if you’d like.

And then, from the core of your being, push out energetically to the edges of your energetic boundary, and you can feel into that with your hands. Feel all the way around you. If I were to come closer to you, where do you end like? Where does your energy end in my again? How close would you want me to come? Just feel into that all the way down around your feet. and then place one hand in front of you like a stop, sign and tap your sternum with the fingertips of your other hand. And just imagine that the people in your life are on the other side of that hand, and very lovingly.

Remembering that they are there, and you are here to setting that energetic boundary. Reminding your system that you’re your own unique being. That confluence is not the way to get connection, that you’re safer staying in yourself.

Keep breathing, setting that energetic boundary, and then just imagine that any time that the people in your life think of you in any way that might be detrimental. harmful. Just imagine that it bounces off your energy body, and they get redirected to the source that beats their heart. And also anytime your mind starts really thinking about other people and thoughts of blame or resentment that it just bounces off of their energy body, and you get redirected to the source that beats your heart so that you are more aligned for engaging in relationship. And then just a few more breaths, and you can lower your hands and keep your eyes closed.

Just notice how that feels and you’re being. And then in a moment, when you open your eyes, I want to invite you to bring this awareness with you. Bring the awareness of your alignment of your clarity, of energy, of your energetic boundaries, which, just to remind you, boundaries are a point of contact. They’re not a rigid wall. They’re a meeting point with the world around. You.

Bring all that with you as you open your eyes sometimes it’s common to kind of leave that when the eyes are open. But really stay in contact with yourself, and I want to encourage you to do these practices daily. Make them your own. Find a way to keep your own energy clear of deep, of your Eve and other people’s EEP and to anchor into the core of your being, and to move in the world from alignment with your true self.



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