If you are a therapist or coach who is highly sensitive to the energy, emotions, and even the thoughts of those around you, learning to work with subtle energy is a game changer for your work with clients. Around our body, there are 5 layers of a subtle energy body that represents our physical, mental/emotional, vital, wisdom, and bliss bodies, Within our body, there are 12 energy centers that express various aspects of our inner experiences. When we attune to the subtle energy of ourselves and our clients, we are empowered to keep the container clean, clear, and truly transformational.

One way that I like to explain the ability to see subtle energy is by these two examples:

In the first example, imagine that you are walking into a seedy bar where people get blackout drunk, get into bar fights, and drug people to take away their choice and sovereignty. When you walk in this place, how would you describe the energetic quality of the environment?

In the second example, imagine arriving to a retreat center where people tend to the land as sacred, practice yoga, and engage in heart-centered communication with one another as they honor the community. How would you describe the energetic quality of this place?

To learn more, watch this video below:

In this video, I share with you my journey of learning to work with subtle energy, what happens when we don’t honor the subtle field, and I offer you tips to learn how to use the subtle in your work with clients.

You can find the signature course here: https://thespirituallyaligned.com/coach/trainings/


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