Spiritual alignment is the energetic expression of the boundless energy of life itself moving through you undistorted and unthwarted. When the midline of your body is an open channel, the river of your vital force pulses through you in divine flow with the universal energy of all of life. This is the natural expression of your health. However, it is often thought of as a peak state that is reserved for the special few who can achieve it. To empower you to live and love from this potent and magnetic energy of your essential self, I wrote Align: Living and Loving from the True Self, a comprehensive guide to living your alignment.

The table of contents of Align illustrate why Susan Campbell, Ph.D., author of Getting Real and From Triggered to Tranquil, wrote, “Harmony Kwiker is an excellent writer, and she knows her field. Align is one of the most comprehensive self-help books I have ever read. I believe that reading this book could offer the equivalent of several years of good psychotherapy. I will recommend it highly to both clients and professional colleagues.”

If you are curious about what is inside of Align, take a look:



Part 1: The Developing Sense of Self

Chapter 1: The Conditioned Self

Differentiating from Our Conditioning

The Role of Our Caregivers

The Ego

Unfinished Business from the Past

The Role of Trauma

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: The Mask of Conditioning

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 2: The True Self

Discovering the True Self

The Family Story

Leaving One’s Self

Attachment Styles

The Fertile Void

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Describe the Indescribable

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 3: The Integrated Self

Attention Guides Our Identity

The Alchemy of Integration

Integrated Felt Sense

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Encompassing Multitudes

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 4: The Emerging Self

Life Urge

Emerging in relationships

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Ignite Your Becoming

Walkaway with Wisdom

Part 2: Finding Our Alignment

Chapter 5: The Shadow

Disowned Parts

The Role of Shame

Projective Identification

Claiming Our Shadow

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Claim Your Darkness

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 6: Distorted Life Force

Subtle Energy Body

Line of Distortion

The Polarity of Distortion

Working with Polarities

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Embody the Polarity

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 7: The Core of Our Being

Finding our Alignment

Exercise: Opening Our Energy Centers

Coming Back to Ourselves

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Activate Your Alignment

Walkaway with Wisdom

Part 3: Contacting Our Essence

Chapter 8: Disrupting Contact

What Is Contact?

Contact Boundary Disturbances

“Shouldisms” and “Aboutisms”

Creating Quality Contact

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Staying in Contact

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 9: We Are Already Whole

Blocks to Subtle Energy

Paradox of Change

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Self-Love

Exercise: Mapping the Patterns of the Conditioned Self

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 10: Returning to Innocence

The Relational Effects of Trauma

The Role of Our Inner Young One

Working with Younger Parts


Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Reparenting Your Inner Young One

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 11: Deepening into Our Experience

Somatic Curiosity

Metabolizing Old Emotional Pain

The Role of Chronic Physical Pain

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Somatic Attunement

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 12: Systemic Inequity

Field Theory

The Role of Power Structures

Ancestral Patterns

Decolonizing Psychotherapy

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Right Use of Power

Walkaway with Wisdom

Part 4: Aligned Relationships

Chapter 13: Interconnection

Entangled Relationships

Polarity Distortion in Relationships

The Polarity of Feminine and Masculine Energies

Finding Resonance

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Connecting to Your Inner Young One

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 14: Relationships without Entanglements

Energetic Boundaries

Honoring Ourselves

Becoming Fully Aligned

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Cultivating Healthy Boundaries

Exercise: Track Your Desires

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 15: Intentional Language

The Language of Distortion

Fully Owning Our Experience

Connection or Control

Correction as Distortion


The Language of the True Self

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Find the Language of Self Responsibility

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 16: Intentional Listening

The Filter We Listen Through

Listening beyond Words

The Power of Curiosity

Reflective Listening

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Be a Mirror

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 17: Revealing Our Truth

Vulnerability Creates Deeper Connection

Keeping an Eye on the Inside

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Practice Revealing

Alone: Notice your experience of yourself

With a Partner: Relational Meditation

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 18: Conscious Relating

Being in Relationship

Sacred Connection

Relational Practice

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Practicing Relational Conflict Resolution

Walkaway with Wisdom

Part 5: The Undefended Heart

Chapter 19: Doorway to the Heart

The Cloaked Heart

Openheartedness Sows Openheartedness

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Your Resonant Heart

Exercise: Finding Resonance with a Partner

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 20: Sacred Embodiment

Relating to Our Body

Beyond Objectification

Too Much

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Body love

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 21: Conscious Sexuality

Sexual Transformation


Intentional Pleasure Practices

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Tantric Breathing

Walkaway with Wisdom

Chapter 22: Living in Alignment

Lifelong Learning

Working with Affirmations

Cycle of Alignment

Harmony’s Story

Exercise: Each Day Is a Sacred Opportunity to Move from Our Alignment

Walkaway with Wisdom

Final Thoughts and Wishes

From the Author



“We are living in a time in the world when it is all too easy to feel lost or disconnected from ourselves. Harmony gives us a compass and a map to find our way home. She reminds us of the universal themes that unite us as individuals through her personal vignettes and she assists us to awaken to our own true nature. She is the compassionate therapist and gifted spiritual teacher that we need to guide us on our journey through life. This book is a gift.”

~Dr. Arielle Schwartz, author of The Post-Traumatic Growth Guidebook and The Complex PTSD Workbook


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