For far too long, I forgot that I was magical. I forgot that the essence of my make up was pure, sparkling creative energy that could heal the oldest wounds and reach the depths of intimacy. I thought that the habitual thoughts, impulses, and behaviors of my conditioned self were the extent of who I was. In being identified with the part of myself that was shaped by experiences I had early in life, I lived as if I was who the world told me I was. I felt trapped by the box of my conditioning, and I couldn’t yet see that the door to the box was already open.

The leap that it took for me to be in conscious exploration of my own values, beliefs, desires, truth, or boundaries sometimes felt too frightening. I found safety in my box of conditioning, and I used these impulses and beliefs to try to get and keep connection and present an acceptable face to the world. I also oriented toward my wounds because they had been part of my internal make up for as long as I could remember.The wounds were created when I was so young that they were part of the proverbial water that I swam in. It had been so, so long since I had been in touch with my wholeness that I forgot that it was my birthright.  

Over time, I learned how to differentiate from my conditioned self and attachment wounds. I learned how to see these aspects of my energetic body with curiosity and love, meeting them from my wise, mature self. Once I was able to embody this magical essence, I was able to see it all beings. When a client comes in feeling stuck, afraid, or habitually indulging old patterns, I see beyond that. We all need to be seen for our wholeness in order to really see it ourselves. Once this happens, we’re more available to meet life from our inherent design of magic and power.

While there are real practical outcomes from embodying the truest version of ourselves (such as fulfilling our Soul’s Purpose, healthy relationships, and financial abundance), that is not why we do it. We align with our True Self and embody our wholeness because this is where our magic is. This is where we are born to live from, before the world taught us who we are or how to be. Our true nature is our home base, and this is where we rest in peace and infinite possibilities.

Differentiating from outdated patterns and antiquated beliefs, we can step into curiosity about what is our truest truth. We ignite our innate vitality and courageously step into our life urge. Seeing different options on the menu for how to be in the world, we are empowered with conscious choice. From this place, we’re in flow with the inherent sacred energy and wisdom that resides in all beings.

Clearing old energy and making room for who we are becoming, we claim our magic and take the leap of embodying the True Self. There is no script for the True Self. There is no box. No safety net. No guarantee. No attempt at control. No list to check off. No point to prove. No worth to validate. No demons to tame.

There is simply emergent energy when we are in our magical essence. There is expansive, creative power. There is energetic movement, inspired behaviors, and curiosity of the mind. Although the conditioned self is still there (It will never go away, we need it to navigate the world) we are no longer identified with it. We see it as the witness, and we are in choice about how we want to be with it.

The growing edges still come. The younger parts still need our love and attention. The next decision is waiting to be made. And the relationships around us are still here as reflectors of our blind spots. Using life as a training ground for our awakening, spreading magic and taking leaps, we are continually becoming more aligned with the True Self.





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