In this video we are going to be talking about toned, energetic boundaries as an expression of a healthy nervous system. Our nervous system is so integral as the expression of our energetic body, and if you are a highly sensitive being you might find that toning your energetic boundaries through nervous system regulation can be life changing, I promise you. We’re going to dive into that in a moment. But before we do I want to let you know that I wrote a book for you. A line living and loving from the true self is a comprehensive map of how to come back home to the truth of who you are and how to honor your alignment as you relate to the people in your life, and this is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble Com and I also created the self-guided alignment cards. There’s 48 cards in this deck, and each card has a wisdom teaching, and a sentence stem to support you and living and loving from your true self. These are only available on my website right now. but they are great for your own contemplative practice, for your work with clients, group therapy parties, and even intimate relating. If the people in your life like to dive deep. So before I learned how to regulate my nervous system, I was holding the energy of the field around me along with my own unprocessed emotional energy, pollution, Eep eep, emotional energy, pollution. And I was in a constant state of fawn, which is a trauma response. Where we’re okay with everything, we’re accommodating. We don’t speak on behalf of our pain. We’re just here to please. And that is actually a trauma response.

And so I was in this fawn trauma response. With this nervous system, dysregulation beneath that expression, through my personality of that trauma response. And I I was storing all of this unprocessed emotional energy, pollution, and acquiring the emotional energy pollution of the people around me, and I did not know how to be in such a way that I was the expression of my truest health and over the years I have learned that the key to nervous system regulation is simply being available for our experience, and the more available we are for our experience, the sensations in our body, the the energy that we’re storing, the more that we can be available for our experience that energy has space to move, and our energetic boundaries become more toned when we are fully occupying our body, when we open up to ourselves become available for our experience, regulate our nervous system, seat in this body become more embodied. The natural expression of our vitality is to have toned energetic boundaries, and this is the fullest expression of our health, of our and but of our embodiment, and of our spiritual alignment.

And so but sometimes we might try to change the world around us, or change our energetic boundaries to keep other people’s energy out. But when we do that we’re actually ignoring the most important aspect of setting clear, energetic boundaries, and that is, knowing ourself knowing what we think and what we believe, knowing what we value, what we want how we feel, what we need from ourselves to feel regulated and aware and when we remember that we are essential in the clarity and the tone of our energetic boundaries we deepen into our whole being, and we can relate to the world by occupying our full, energetic space and taking up space, which doesn’t mean that the people in our life will behave the way that they behave. It just means that anything harmful, detrimental, or disrespectful doesn’t penetrate our energetic boundary and become ours to hold and process. What is important to recognize about this is that we can set the intention that when somebody in our life has a dark attachment chord, or a projection, or a judgment, or sort of like a vampire trying to suck our energy, that when we are fully in ourselves in this way regulated, available for ourselves, occupying our body and our energy. That other person’s energy just bounces off of our energetic boundary, and they get redirected to the source that beats their heart. So every time they think of us they can become more aligned and more connected with their spiritual self, and same for us every time we think of them it can just bounce off of their energetic boundary, and we get redirected to the source that beats our heart, so that we become more aligned, more embodied more full and more clarified and toned in our energetic boundaries.

This can be an ongoing process, because the nervous system can become dysregulated at any moment to say you’re driving down the street, and you think a car is going to hit you. and then you move on. Can you also take time to slow down and be available for your nervous system. Regulation for yourself. Open up more fully to yourself, so that that can move through you each little moment of our life if we are not being available for our experience, that experience is getting stored if we are contracting around it, that experience is getting stored and slowly over time or energetic boundaries get weakened because our vitality is getting thwarted. Nervous system regulation is the foundation of healthy, toned energetic boundaries, the more available you are for your nervous system dysregulation, and for your own experience, and for yourself the more your vitality can flow through you and the healthier your energetic boundaries become. So if you want to learn more about this, I have a wonderful course for you called living your alignment. It’s on my website, the spiritually And if you want to learn how to facilitate alignment, how to bring the energetic attunement into your work with clients. I have some beautiful courses for you on my website, too, so please come, check them out, and wishing you the most ease and grace as you learn how to be available for yourself, and meet the world from your most regulated, awake and resourced self.


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