Hello and welcome. I’m Harmony Kwiker and I’m, the founder of the Institute for Spiritual Alignment, where we offer ongoing learning opportunities for therapists and coaches who are passionate about bridging the divide between traditional psychotherapy and coaching and spiritual transformation.


If you are a therapist or a coach who wants to learn how to deepen into the possibilities of supporting your clients, of clearing old emotional energy pollution. Then this video is for you.


But before we dive into that I want to share with you my new book, align living and loving from the true self. In this book I do share with you 5 ways to move subtle energy. Today we’re just going to go over one of them. But in here I share with you the 5 ways that I’ve learned to support clients in mobilizing and metabolizing. I’m old emotional energy, pollution, and I give you some tools, to do. That. I also have these new self-guided alignment, cards, and I really really love these cards. Every card has a wisdom teaching, and a sentence St. To support you in your transformation, and really deepening into anchoring into your home base.


As we begin, I want to start by sharing a personal story, and it’s actually a personal story of support other people in mobilizing their emotions and old energy pollution. When I was a new clinician, I wasn’t very good. I was really scared to confront or guide, or direct attention and energy. And so, even though I could really see the fuller picture of the client. I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t know what to do with my seeing. and I wanted to make sure that whatever I did, I did it in a really consensual, collaborative way, and I wasn’t taught back in graduate school. I went to an amazing graduate school, but this particular skill it wasn’t taught, and and this was me really discovering how to guide a session that was authentic to the truth of who I am.


And I remember I was sitting with a client who had complex trauma, and she would quickly go from, really anxious to really mad to a deep collapse. And that cycle happened very, very quickly, and I was really scared when I was sitting with her, because I deeply wanted to support her, to move through that in a way that felt supportive, and loving and co-regulating, but my fear of causing harm, and really not knowing what to do, kept me sort of frozen in that session.


As I continued to work with this client. I really discovered that this was a sacred opportunity to guide her in the deepest repair of her attachment system, and as she was able to repair her attachment system, she was able to remember the truth of who she is, without clinging to the trauma without identifying with the pain without following the pattern of the wounding around. She could experience that very a very natural response to her trauma. She could experience it from her most resourced awake self.


Once I learned how to be the therapist that she needed in in service of bringing more and more awake awareness into the Session, which is our most resource self. It’s the part of us that’s already free and liberated and expansive and beyond energy, and has been with us since before our conception in other lifetimes, and will continue to be with us after we leave this body awake. Awareness. And so the thing that helped me the most as I was learning how to really offer a collaborative consensual co-regulating sacred container was being able to see the energetic quality of the emotional body.


Once I was able to not only see but name and get a shared understanding with my client about the energy quality that the emotion was holding. We could then bring more awareness to that emotion if we weren’t talking about the energetic quality of that emotion that emotion just took over, and awareness wasn’t brought to it, but by bringing awake awareness to the energetic quality, we had the capacity to mobilize that old emotional energy, pollution, and so awareness is the number one way to move energy. So I shared before.


There are 5 ways, and I write about all 5 ways in my book. But the number one way is awareness and specifically awake awareness. There’s a difference between I’m aware that I am in a trauma response. I know that versus I can welcome and love my trauma response with when with most resourced awake self from awareness itself which does not actually come from the mind. So the energetic quality of emotions, I just want you to contemplate for a moment. We’ll just start with fear when I have clients bring awareness to fear. And when I bring my awake awareness to fear, it becomes really clear that energetic quality is sort of dense and frenetic like this. And so, if we looking at it, the energy is like this dense and frenetic, and it kind of continues to move. It’s not anxiety doesn’t sit like an anchor. It just keeps moving in this frenetic way. And so, if we can bring more and more awareness both to the somatic sensation and the energetic expression.


We can actually wrap that anxiety with awake awareness and paradoxically make more room for it. When we’re able to make more room around the anxiety that fear can move through us, it has a space for all of that energy to cathart naturally and go. And this is as opposed to an emotion like grief, depression, sadness that’s more watery, heavy, and chronic depression can just get bigger and bigger and bigger when we put more awareness of space around chronic depression and grief. It’s like all of that water just fills up the space. And so grief and depression doesn’t actually need more space. It needs awareness, compassion, validation, and love, just like any other emotion. But it doesn’t need more space. What it needs is for the spark a vitality to have some space to create some movement around all of that heavy, heavy emotion. So if we can invite the client to bring in more awareness and love, and validation and compassion for the feeling of sadness, grief, depression, and so on.


They can see that water watery, watery emotion, and then find the spark of their vitality, the part of them that wants to be here, the part of them that has a purpose that has a life force that is choosing to be in this body and choosing to be in this life. And that spark is actually what allows that grief and that watery emotion to start to move, and once it starts to move, we can invite the client to allow that wave, because grief is like a wave. It’s like an ocean to move through them as opposed to sitting there stagnant at the bottom of their energy body that grief can start to move through them like a wave. And sometimes I even say, just let that wave move through you.


Learning how to allow emotions to move through us is really what allows us to be clear of old emotional energy pollution. So with that I just want to remind you that I am launching my new courses. I have so many courses on my website. I have courses for everybody, for spiritually line relationships and living your alignment, and I also have courses for therapists and coaches. I have a signature course that is about working with energy, guiding spiritual, alignment. trauma-informed spiritual alignment, and so on. And so forth. So please take a look at my website, the spiritual alignment, and I look forward to being with you next time.



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