The Sacred Wisdom of Our Subtle Senses

“Sensation is the expression of the boundless energy of life moving through us. When we brace against our sensations, unresolved experiences continue to live within us. To illustrate, consider a person who was punished in childhood for speaking their truth. They may continue hiding their voice even though the threat of punishment is no longer present. The unresolved experience of stopping the natural flow of their expression may persist as a subtle tightness in their throat. Wrapping the tightness with loving awareness, they increase their ability to move the energy blockage. ” Harmony Kwiker, 2024

In a recent article published by Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine, I share about the importance of honoring our subtle senses as a bridge from the mind to the direct expereince of the body. When attuned to with great care, subtle energy can offer us the key to unlock stored emotions and unresolved experiences. When we ignore our subtle energy, emotional energy pullution occupies precious space within our inner world. Unknowingly, we walk around bogged down by an accumulation of old energy.

Instead of ignoring the sublte awarenesses we have, we have an wonderful opportunity to listen to the quiet wisper of the consciousness held in the energy body. Quieting the mind, we can open to our awareness-based reality and discover what it is we need to become clear, presence, and with toned boundaries.

You can read the full article here:

Sacred Wisdom Article 2024


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