Have you ever been triggered? Irritated? Annoyed?

Have you ever been jealous? Judgmental? Angry?

If you are, in fact, human, you likely answered “Yes!” to all of those questions. I have had countless experiences in my life where I have tried to figure out how to manage a relationship with someone who triggers me, regardless of how deep the connection is. With an acquaintance, a boss, a partner, or my own children, when someone else triggers me I can have a difficult time staying open to the connection. Part of me shuts down in my trigger and I just want the other person to be different.

The more I grow and evolve, the more I realize that whatever triggers me about you, is MINE. If I judge you for being too talkative, there is a part withing myself that I have disowned that doesn’t value my own verbal expression. If I am annoyed by my child’s need to control, I have disowned my own need to be the boss of everything. If I feel jealous of your success, it’s because I have disenfranchised my own power to create what I want in the world.


This is something we hear a lot in different spiritual philosophies; however, in practical application it is extremely empowering. The more aware I am about what triggers me, the more empowered I am to look at that part within myself. The purpose of the trigger is to bring this part up out of the recess of my unconscious to be purified, integrated, and healed.

I speak more about this in my newest video blog.

Lots of love.


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