The present moment is our home base in a spiritually aligned session. It’s where we return to again and again to discover blocks to alignment, to cultivate deeper awareness, and to transform old patterns. The mindful awareness of the spiritually aligned practitioner is what optimizes the potential of the present moment. When the practitioner is not present, they end up getting induced into the patterns of the client and come off center from their own alignment. When the practitioner is able to stay mindfully aware and present, they feel more aligned and empowered as they leave a session where their client also feels more aligned and empowered.

To stay fully aware and mindful of the present moment is the practice of being the conscious witness from an awake, aware state.

Here are 5 tools for mindful awareness in a spiritually aligned session:

1. Stop analyzing your client: If you are trying to interpret or figure out your client, you are in your ego. While the ego is useful, holding space from this level of consciousness inhibits the potent energy of awake awareness to guide the session. Instead of analyzing your client, be a clear mirror of reflection for them. From your most awake, resourced Self, see them with clarity and reflect what you observe. This increases awareness and cultivates deepening into presence.

2. Stop trying to solve your client’s problem: If you think that you are the expert in the room, you enable your client to stay the same. This is your client’s sacred journey, and it is their decisions to make and their actions to take. Instead of trying to fix or solve anything, ask your client what they really want for themselves. Invite them deeper into their Source of wisdom and knowing so that they leave feeling more connected to their Self.

3. Stop ignoring your body: If you are in your ordinary mind, you are likely ignoring your body. When you are not in your body, you cannot be an authentic and safe space for your client. This is called being incongruent. Incongruence is a threat to the amygdala, and your client will sense it and likely not fully surrender into their healing. Also, you will end up feeling depleted and exhausted after a day of clients. Instead, breathe and create more inner spaciousness within your body. Honor your sensations and intuitive knowing within your whole being.

4. Stop ignoring the subtle energy: Clients walk in talking from their ordinary mind, and that is fine. As the practitioner, if we stay in the ordinary mind, we prevent transformation. Attuning to the subtle is the most powerful way to be mindfully aware and guide transformation. Your client’s subtle energy will tell you everything you need to know in terms of old pain they are storing and what’s needed to heal.

5. Stop ignoring resistance and barriers: If you do not bring your client’s resistance and walls into the awareness field with loving presence, your client will hold onto unconsciously cling to them. Resistance is valid. Barriers are sacred. Instead, shine the light of awake awareness on the resistance and barriers and learn from them. Why are they here? What do they need from the client?

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