Working with Energetic Sabotage Patterns

Stand-Alone Mini-Course

When we honor subtle energy, we can go deeper into the transpersonal field with clients.


Ask yourself…

  • Do I want to learn how to see subtle energy?

  • Do I want disrupt my client’s sabotage patterns?

  • Do I want learn to use my subtle mind to support my clients in anchoring into their True Self?

  • Do I want to understand attachment cords and how to work with them?

  • Do I want to create deeper impact for my clients?

The difference between a good therapist or coach and an amazing one is their ability to see and utilize the subtle energy movements in a session.Learn how to access your clairsenses and elevate your work through the transpersonal.

With a combination of recorded webinars, guided practices, and handouts, you will learn the essence of being a trauma-informed spiritually aligned practitioner.

  • Anyone interested in this topic can take the course.
  • No Prerequisites
  • Go at your own pace
  • Buy this course, and get a discount on a future course



This course illuminates concepts subtle energy and energetic sabotage patterns. Learn to work with energetic boundaries, attachment cords, and entities.


“Harmony is a truly phenomenal instructor and mentor, and I’m so very grateful for the opportunity to learn from her. She is organized, knowledgeable, and thorough, but more importantly just has a presence I find myself naturally imitating when I’m working with my own clients. She is a breath of fresh air who resets my system, and she has been more influential than any other instructor I’ve had in how I interact with clients.”

Meg Kies, Psychotherapist

Course Outline


“Being in connection and community with Harmony is truly a gift. Harmony has a way of being in the world that allows the deepest part of oneself to arrive and feel welcome into the light of awareness, while being gently guided into one’s own path of growth and deep inner transformation. Being a student and mentee of Harmony over the past few years has changed my life from the inside out. It’s impacted how I relate to myself, the environment around me, as well as my work with coaching and counseling clients.”

Meagan Estrella, Psychotherapist & Coach

If you’d like to apply for group coaching as a compliment to this course, you can do that today. All group coaching hours may be applied to your certification if you choose to continue on that tract.

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