Couples, Families, Groups and Leadership

Deepen into your seat of spiritually aligned leader.

Learn the advanced application of working with couples, families, groups, and spiritually aligned leadership.

  • Participate in group practice
  • Lead group practice
  • Receive real-time feedback
  • Non-contact recorded webinars
  • PDFs of lectures
  • PDFs of handouts
  • Live demos
  • Real-time feedback



Applicants typically have a masters, doctorate, or coaching certificate. While all applications will be considered, it is recommended that you have completed some college and have extensive experience in personal development.

*To apply for this course, you must first complete the 9 month Advanced Skills and Application. This course is also part of the certification requirement.


“Harmony has a way of being in the world that allows the deepest part of oneself to arrive and feel welcome into the light of awareness, while being gently guided into one’s own path of growth and deep inner transformation.”

Meagan Estrella, Psychotherapist & Coach

“Harmony is an authentically compassionate teacher and gifted healer. I am so grateful to have her as my mentor! She beautifully weaves together therapeutic tools with coaching, spirituality and embodiment of the True Self for both the client and the practitioner. I honestly give her my highest recommendation.”

Tahnee Swanton, Coach & Psychotherapist

“I am profoundly grateful for Harmony’s teachings, authenticity, and vibrant energy she shares. As a student and mentee, I am continuously learning the art of spiritual alignment as it relates to the therapeutic relationship, and even more importantly, as it relates to showing up fully for myself.”

Jaime Tousignant, Psychotherapist & Lead Coordinator

“As a professor, Harmony is the most engaged, organized, direct, and CLEAR professor I have ever had. Her mastery of the material allowed her to continually present impossible concepts in a way that was logical, completely digestible, and utterly engaging. The nature of the content itself dove deep into the heart of human connection. Her clear direct teaching style is a result of her clear direct relational capacity which she has managed to capture into a curriculum, while modeling the very essence of the content in her delivery: authentic, enlivened and compassionate.”

Shannon Iris, Psychotherapist

Connect with a community of Spiritually Aligned Practitioners as you learn and receive support to become the healer you were born to be.


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