Activate Your Alignment

21 Day Online Meditation Journey

Free Online Course

Meet your life from your most awake resourced Self.


Ask yourself…


  • Am I available for the sensations in my body?

  • Do I hold clear energetic boundaries?

  • Do I shift to awake awareness when my mind loops in thoughts?

  • Am I in touch with the interconnection of life?

  • Am I in flow with the boundless energy of life itself?

If you are ready to love yourself unconditionally, we can help:


Regulate your nervous system.

Access higher states of consciousness.

Discover your blindspots.

Clear other people’s energy.

Align with the Source that beats your heart.





Receive guided support as you find your way back home to your Self.

In the 21 day meditation challenge, Harmony will guide you on a free online journey to activate your spiritual alignment.

Each day will have a unique theme offering practical tools and deep wisdom to support you living and loving from the True Self: 

Things to know:

~Each meditation will be 8 to 15 minutes

~To sign up, enter your email address and create your account

Consistency of daily devotional practices is initiated by you. These reminders are a support for you on your journey.

~Journey Begins Today

~Daily Audio Meditations

~Inspirational Reminders

~Invitation into Self-Inquiry

~Journal Prompts

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“Harmony is a Master at her Craft! Her compassion is boundless and comes through in ways that are hard to language. I feel seen, heard and very lovingly held by her always. When I say she has helped me to find a whole new way of Being I am not exaggerating. I feel like I hit the jackpot in my relationship with her.”

Gretchen Tuck

Course Outline


“Harmony is an authentically compassionate teacher and gifted healer. I am so grateful to have her as my mentor! She beautifully weaves together therapeutic tools with coaching, spirituality and embodiment of the True Self for both the client and the practitioner. I honestly give her my highest recommendation.”

Tahnee Swanton, Psychotherapist & Coach

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