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Institute for Spiritual Alignment

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Bridging the Divide Between

Traditional and Spiritual Transformation

Move beyond the limits of traditional therapy.

Become an expert in the use of subtle energy.

Find the balance between being trauma informed and spiritually attuned.

Finish your work day feeling lit up and energized.

Facilitate the deepest repair of your client’s attachment system.

Our Highest Intention

Providing a whole new paradigm for psychotherapy and coaching

We are dedicated to offering trauma-informed transpersonal trainings to support the deepest repair of humanity.

“Being in connection and community with Harmony is truly a gift. Harmony has a way of being in the world that allows the deepest part of oneself to arrive and feel welcome into the light of awareness, while being gently guided into one’s own path of growth and deep inner transformation.”

Meagan Estrella, Psychotherapist & Coach

Self-Guided Alignment Cards



Each card has a wisdom teaching and sentence stem to use alone or with others:

  • Contemplative practices
  • Group therapy
  • Connection practices with your Beloved
  • Games with friends

Receive Guided Support

Follow Harmony on Insighttimer for guided practices to support your alignment and energetic clarity. When you commit to a daily alignment practice, you shift the place within yourself from which you interact with the world. When you move from your alignment, your whole life reflects that powerful, healthy state.

Activate Your Alignment Online Meditation Journey

Join our 21 day compassionate journey as Harmony guides you to more inner peace, self-love, and self-awareness.

Empowering Books for Spiritual Alignment

“We are living in a time in the world when it is all too easy to feel lost or disconnected from ourselves. Harmony gives us a compass and a map to find our way home. She reminds us of the universal themes that unite us as individuals through her personal vignettes and she assists us to awaken to our own true nature. She is the compassionate therapist and gifted spiritual teacher that we need to guide us on our journey through life. This book is a gift.”

~Dr. Arielle Schwartz, author of The Post-Traumatic Growth Guidebook and The Complex PTSD Workbook

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