When we identify with the thoughts of our mind, we believe that who we really are has something to do with the roles that we play, the body we have, or the relationships we engage in. Our reality gets colored by the thoughts that we have, and this pulls us away from the truth that is present when we connect with our true self.

Our true self is our spiritual nature, our own divinity. This is who we really are. And when we live from this deep place we can sit in the limitless possibilities that are available for us in our lifetime that are beyond what the mind could ever conceive. When we’re able to come from love and trust, when we’re able to find a solution to EVERY problem, we are living from our true self.

When we’re identified with the thoughts of our mind (which are generated by our ego), we keep ourselves small in the world. The ego can cause us to feel contracted and limited in life. You know you’re identified with your ego if your thoughts, words, and actions go for separation, limitation, and lack.

What’s really amazing is that it’s our awareness, and only our awareness, that can empower us to disidentify with our ego and shift to this deeper place. We’re only aware of about 20% of the motives, drives, thoughts, and urges that guide our ego. When we look with curiosity at what drives our thoughts, we create a spaciousness that allows us to choose to reconnect with our true self. And when we practice this often, we wake up to who we really are.

Live from your true self and feel empowered in life.



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