All day long your mind works to get you to pay attention to the limiting thoughts generated by the ego. When you passively believe the thoughts of your mind, you look for the source of your happiness outside of yourself, which is depleting and disempowering. When our self-care is guided by extrinsic motivations, we act from a place of longing, comparison, and external goals. However, this isn’t self-care at all as it doesn’t rejuvenate the soul with the light of awareness.

When you honor the truth of your heart, you are intrinsically motivated. This means that you do something because it feels good to your soul. You eat well because it feels right, not because you’ll attain the perfect body. You engage in relationships that uplift and empower you because you come from your heart, where connection and solution reside. Your heart knows what you need in each moment, but when you identify with the thoughts of your mind you get pulled further from the truth of what you really need.

The words of the mind are loud. The voice of the heart is a whisper. If your heart had a voice, what would it say? Attune to your own truth, connect with your own heart, and each moment will offer you a chance for self-care, for deeply caring for your True Self.

Because we’re so accustom to believing what we think is reality, it takes a lot of practice to begin listening to and honoring the truth of your heart. The most effective way to live a more heart-centered, empowered life is by strengthening your inner eye. Many times throughout the day, draw your inner eye deeper to check in to see how you feel. Are you tense or relaxed? Are you breathing shallow or deeply? What’s the sensation in your heart? Your stomach? Your muscles? Your body is your best feedback mechanism to how you really feel about something.  Train yourself to listen to it, and you will be practicing the most life-changing self-care routine. When you live from this place, you’re empowered to choose actions that are in support of your highest good.


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