Institute for Spiritual Alignment

A Spiritually Aligned Vision

The Institute for Spiritual Alignment offers a whole new paradigm of psychotherapy and coaching. Offering high-level, interactive, and hybrid trainings, we are committed to supporting you in becoming the healer you were born to be. While we teach a unique framework for holding space, we also recognize that each clinician has their own flavor of guiding clients. We are here to help you deepen into your seat of power, access your intuition, and gain clarity about guiding clients back into alignment.

Most people walk around self-identified with their pain, their attachment wounds, and their personality. We call this “the conditioned self.” When we identify with our conditioned self, we disown parts of ourselves that we think are unacceptable (shadow) and we relate to the world from outdated ways of thinking and behaving. As we interact with the world from this distortion, we can try to do the right thing and we can try to heal, but nothing ever feels totally aligned or in flow with life.

Spiritual Alignment Therapy asserts that the work of healing is NOT about creating healthier behaviors or happier thoughts. The work of transformation is about making contact with a deeper part of who we are (essential self) and begin to self-identify with this deeper place as who we really are.

When we relate to the world from our essential self, we move from our alignment with the core of our being. This alignment is our home base, where security, safety, and love can heal all of the aspects of self that we’ve learned from our experiences and traumas.

Your alignment as a clinician has a synergistic experience with your clients. As you deepen into your seat of power, your clients do as well. Bringing your full expression into your work with clients empowers them to be in their full expression. Through this transpersonal framework, your client leaves feeling more empowered, and you do as well.

“Harmony is one of the most powerful, caring, wise women I know. I’m deeply inspired by her embodied strength, generous nature, and clear ability to see what’s most needed for people to awaken out of their suffering.”
Julia Mikk, Healer, Teacher, Founder of Breath of Love

Our Founder

When I was 6 years old, I began practicing transcendental meditation. During my meditation practice, I was given a vision of my life. I knew in that moment that I was here to be a healer, an author, and a teacher. At the same time, I started noticing that I could see subtle energy, a vaporous darkness and/or lightness around people’s physical bodies. I would place crystals on people who were holding a lot of dark energy, and I was dedicated to learning how to help them move it.

Throughout my life, I have experienced miraculous transformation; however, none of it occurred in a traditional psychotherapy setting. I have dedicated my career to bringing spiritual transformation to clients seeking therapy and coaching, and as a professor of transpersonal psychology at Naropa University, I teach my students Gestalt counseling skills as I help them to find their seat as a healer.

Honoring the requests of students, colleagues, and clients, I have created this training center to support other healers in trusting their ability to see, intuit, and guide deep transformation. I hope you’ll join us!



Harmony and I have cultivated a beautiful relationship over the last few months. With her expert level facilitation and tracking skills, I have been able to reach new spaces of my darkness and shadow then ever before. Her ability to see me fully there while holding me in and my experience in love was and continues to be profound. Because of her ability to hold such a genuine, safe, and welcoming container, I have felt many layers of shame that I didn’t even know existed melt away. She has played a pivotal role in my healing process. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Harmony!”
Shelby Robbins, LMT, Energy Medicine Practitioner

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