I started yo-yo dieting when I was just six years old, and the path to a healthy weight and body image has been hard won. From the many years of navigating this body, from experiencing obesity and a postpartum physique, I have come to know that my weight is a reflection of my inner state. There is no separation.

When I focus on having a body that looks like the images I see on media, I allow my mind to get tricked into thinking that the source of my happiness and health is caught up in weighing a certain amount. “If I lost five more pounds…” is a common thought that trolls around my mind. Nonsense.

The truth is that every freakin diet in the world cannot give me what it is that my awareness can. When I turn on the Light of my Awareness and connect to my source of happiness, I get so fulfilled and joyous that my body naturally comes into a healthy weight. I know this might sound magical, but it has been wholly true for me on my journey.

While I’m still updating my story of my actual appearance, my body is a reflection of my connection to my true self, and this is the most liberating diet plan I have ever been on. I share some of my story in this video blog, and I’d love to hear your thoughts,comments, and questions.

Lots of love,



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